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Mission Statement

Michigan Association of OWI Attorneys (MIAOWIA)

“Our Motto is Our Mission”

Our Motto: Molon Labe Tuebor.logo The literal translation of Molon Labe is “come and take it.” “Molon Labe!” was famously uttered by King Leonides of Sparta in response to the Persian Army’s demand that the Spartans surrender at the Battle of Thermopylae in 490 BC.

Leonides’ defiantly demanded that if Persia was to overtake the enormously outnumbered Spartans, then the Persians would have to “come and take” the Spartan warriors. The Spartan forces numbered approximately 7,000 men while Persia’s army staged at Thermopylae consisted of 100,000-150,000 soldiers. Truly overwhelming odds, yet King Leonides’ would not give any quarter to the demand. And the Spartans stood behind him and fought valiantly. Leonides’ command to “come and take” resonates thru history and informs MIAOWIA’s mission: If the government is going to take our client’s liberty, then the government will have to actively take it. We will not give in.

Tuebor, as Michiganders know, is part of our State Seal. Tuebor means “I will defend.”

Molon Labe Tuebor: “ When you come to take our clients, we will defend.”

Our Mission

The Michigan Association of OWI Attorneys: MIAOWIA is a non-profit organization. Our Mission is to assist lawyers, judges, juries, and citizens criminally accused of drinking and drugged driving offenses by increasing their understanding of the best-practices necessary to effectively advocate for those charged with violating Michigan’s drunk and drugged driving laws.

Members of the MIAOWIA make a solemn commitment to continue our legal and scientific education so that we can most effectively defend our clients. As advocates, we are at our best only when we stay on top of the scientific and legal developments in this highly specialized area of criminal law. We always zealously represent accused citizens against the government’s extraordinary power to level criminal charges even upon the most scant evidence. We will always stand firm in our resolve to force the government to prove each and every element of the crime charged beyond all possible reasonable doubt.

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